Pictures of YDCN events in 1998
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NewYears MeetingBrabant tourrideItaly tourRegio Café Doorwerth
Motor'98Zeeland weekendHolland TriathlonTechnical evening
Regio Café EldenVMTC MotoryIJsselmeer tourride 
Twente tourrideTermaat-XantenLuxembourg weekend 
Member meetingReeuwijk tourrideMotoRAI'98 

NewYear's meeting in HoenderlooBACK TO INDEX
04-jan-98Newyearsmeeting with the KNMV in Hoenderloo. 30 YDCN members visited this informal meeting. Due to the weather conditions, the meeting was inside. Worth to mention: Carin Bergdahl and Jeroen Termaat, the came by bike (real bikers!)
04-jan-98Coffee, cola, pancakes, perhaps a beer... What will we do this year?
Motor'98 - UtrechtBACK TO INDEX
26-feb-98Motor'98 is a yearly motorcycle exhibition in Utrecht. You won't find any motorcyle company like on the MotorRAI. This is an motorcycle exhibition where you will find most motorcycles dealers with bikes, clothing and everything you need for motorcycling. A must for every biker.
26-feb-98The YDCN has his stand on the first floor, not heightech but with a little fanatasy, some posters, logo's, photo's, flags and nice people you can do a lot. Enough interesting people as you can see.
26-feb-98Ofcourse we use some marketing tricks, like beautiful girls and sweet ;-) Left in the red YDCN sweater my wife Lida, right with the black YDCN sweater Ellen. No, you won't see me ever on pictures...I'm taken them so...
28-feb-98We had a red Diversion XJ900S with sidecar on the stand which you can see on the left. In front of the table Johan Driesen, behind the table Ellen Baart and Paul Veerkamp. On the back Dennis van der Zon and Ilse van Ogtrop.
28-feb-98Here a little better view of the Divvy with sidecar. As you can see we had a view visitors in the stand. There were moments we had more 'customers' but I have no picture of that. You would only see people's back which isn't that interested. Afterall, the Motor'98 exhibition brought us 24 new members in four days.
Regio Café OOST in EldenBACK TO INDEX
29-mar-98Now we knew what regio café was missing...a terrace. It was beautiful weather so we took the bike and move to the Waalkade in Nijmegen.
Season openingsride in TwenteBACK TO INDEX
13-apr-982nd Easter day. 58 members had signed of for this yearly event but it was freezing cold, rain, wet snow and hail. Despite the weather, 30 bikes/33 members arrived in Borne where it was a little better than in the rest of Holland. Ofcourse it was worth coming as the ride was beautiful.
13-apr-98Back in the pub after the ride it was warm and cosy.
Yearly Member meeting - DoornBACK TO INDEX
18-apr-98Not difficult to ride wrong. Members arrived by bike ofcourse.
18-apr-98I think it must be here.....finish.
18-apr-98A common problem for bikers...where do you leave your bikersclothes.
18-apr-98For those interested, the club video and here a internet demo of the YDCN website.
18-apr-98The most interesting moments, coffeebreak outside the meeting room.
18-apr-98And also this motion is accepted. All green cards.
18-apr-98In the afternoon a lecture about tires (Jaap Blij of Michelin Motorcycle Tires Division)
18-apr-98In this context we did an inspection who uses Michelin tires. We found one but couldn't find the groove marks on this one. To be clear, this tire must absolutely be replaced. It's unsafe to ride with such tire conditions.
18-apr-98The second lecture held by Jaap van Steenbergen of the KNMV (Royal Dutch Federation of Motorcyclists). The YDCN is member of the KNMW.
Brabant tourride - BestBACK TO INDEX
18-may-98Members arriving at the start in Best. Incredible hot weather that day.
Zeeland weekend - BruinisseBACK TO INDEX
21-may-98Members arriving in Bruinisse..
21-may-98First ride-out, discovering Zeeland...
21-may-98The English guest arrived, from left to right, Chris and Bev Whitley and Ian and Jen Robinson.
21-may-98Walk on the dike to (what else...) the pub....
21-may-98Inside the pub and having fun...
22-may-98Webcam picture taken during riding (snapshot from the video)
22-may-98The famous "Chris the frog" webcam picture.
22-may-98With the Div on the beach
23-may-98Third day of touring, here a stop at Burgh-Haamstede.
23-may-98After the barbecue, watching the videos of this years events.
24-may-98Groupphoto before leaving through Willenstad direction 'home'.
24-may-98Harbour in Willemstad. Watch the Divies parked near the road sign "Prohibted to park motorcycles"..
13-jun-98Our own meeting point before the start of the VMTC tourride. We did not know yet that we should win a price as largest club...
13-jun-98Enough food and drinks along the road. Here an ice-cream stop.
Termaat-Xanten tourride - NijmegenBACK TO INDEX
05-jul-98The start in Nijmegen at Termaat Motoren. Before the start of the tourride there was enough time to buy new things with the 10-15% discount.
05-jul-98In front of the shop before the start.
05-jul-98Divies parked in Xanten (Germany).
05-jul-98Finish at 'De Kroon' in Nijmegen with a free drink and soup, offered by Termaat and YDCN.
SummerTourRide - ReeuwijkBACK TO INDEX
26-jul-98The ZTR (Summer Tour Ride) of 1999, in the surroundings of Reeuwijk. Here waiting for the ferry to cross the river.
26-jul-98Every ZTR has a double stop during the ride for enjoying the beautiful weather. Here such a nice little cafe.
26-jul-98And beautiful summer weather it was...
YDIM 1998 - Italy tourBACK TO INDEX
31-jul-98The Dutch/English delgation at the first stop in Luxembourg.
01-aug-98Next stop in Kaiserslautern at the residence of Keith and Grace to join the group.
03-aug-98Lake of Como in Italy with a beautiful scenery despite the weather (raining...).
05-aug-98From Italy through Switserland to France.
07-aug-98Hot hot hot on camping Moto in Montclar in France.
Holland Triathlon - AlmereBACK TO INDEX
15-aug-98We assist with our bikes during the Triathlon Almere, taking press and officials as passengers on the bike. This pictures was taken at 06:15 AM a few minutes before the briefing.
15-aug-98Impressive big 'OFFICIAL' sticker on the Div...
15-aug-98But people are not impressed by seeing the biking riding towards them. They didn't expect you drive into them, only the very last second.... Shot taken with the webcame mounted on the Div while riding.
IJsselmeer tourrideBACK TO INDEX
23-aug-98Start at 'De Witte Bergen' in Eemnes.
23-aug-98Stop for lunch at Harderwijk and the big question...where to park the bike...
23-aug-98Even parking bikes can be difficult. Finish of the tourride in "De Scheepkameel".
Luxembourg weekend 1998BACK TO INDEX
04-sep-98Pictures say more than words. It was cozy in Luxembourg.
05-sep-98Riding during the day and afterwards enjoying the sun and...
05-sep-98The Barbe'knoei' (BBQ)
06-sep-98And the usual group photo on the last day...
21-oct-98Paul Veerkamp doing his best to get new members
21-oct-98Ilse van Ogtrop was given permission to go home earlier. Bart Scholten on the right, another YDCN member that joined us on the Italy tour.
22-oct-98Robert Nieuwenburg (l) and Gerard Kroon (r) counting all arguments to become member...
22-oct-98YDCN members visiting the clubstand. At the table from left to right Fred, Sophie, Dick and Math
22-oct-98Petra Wissing gives comments on the event pictures on the wall
22-oct-98Max, our neighbour on the exhibition, happens to own a Diversion XJ900S. It costed two days before he became a new member...
22-oct-98Sensational to see on the MotoRAI, steep wallet riding, with Indian motorcycles but also with mopeds
22-oct-98Banknotes picked up by the motorcyclists
23-oct-98Jessica Jansen and her new Earmo earplugs.
24-oct-98On the Yamaha stand, Ilse van Ogtrop (l) of the YDCN and Mang Yuan (r) of Yamaha Netherlands
Regio Café OOST - DoorwerthBACK TO INDEX
01-nov-98Beautiful weather while riding to Regio Cafe OOST
01-nov-98Inside Regio Cafe OOST, the castle of Doorwerth...
01-nov-98Another view inside Regio Cafe OOST, the castle of Doorwerth...
Technical EveneningBACK TO INDEX
20-nov-98On the technical evening this year all questions were explained with a totall loss XJ600 engine.
20-nov-98Another view of the non-repairable damage...
20-nov-98Interested listening what the Safe mechanic was telling
20-nov-98After the lecture time for coffee, answering questions and a word of thanks to Koos Veenendaal and his mechanic.
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