Nederlandse telefooncentrales en ADSL bereikbaarheid
DTP-Software - Fonttools for Windows and Mac
Graficus - Tijdschrift voor de grafische wereld
IBM - AFP licensed font products support
IBM - Printer driver page
IBM - Printing Products
IBM - Printing Support and Services
IBM - Printing Systems Company
ISIS - Papyrus
LRS - Enterprise Output Management, Levi, Ray & Shoup
Microsoft - Typography
Oc - Printing Systems USA, Inc.
Primopdf - gratis PDF writer
Pyrus - Fontlab typography tools - font editors, convertors and utilities
Xplor International - The Electronic Document Systems Association
Dierenasiel - Almere
Stichting Digitaal Almere - alles over de gemeente Almere
Artis - Famous Amsterdam ZOO
RAI Amsterdam
Lida's Art Galery
Dilbert Zone - My Favorite...
  F1 Grand Prix - part of Racing Live-Network
FIA homepage - Official site
Formule 1 NL - (SBS6, Veronica)
Jos Verstappen
Handleiding HTML - De Nederlandse informatiebron op het gebied van HTML en CSS
  IBM Mainframe
CA - Computer Associates - That other vendor
CBT - CBT tapes
Gartner - Information vendor
Lasercom - CSF
Merrill - Consultants MXG
NaSPA - Network and Systems Professionals Association
Xephon: Independent information on IBM and the System/390 environment
Microsoft TerraServer
ANOUK on the information highway - index (English)
Candy Dulfer - (Anton Rondeel)
Candy Dulfer - Officiëe Fanclub site
Floogees - Swing!
Rolling Stones
TROS Cybertop 100
The Rolling Stones - World Tour Site
Veronica Top100 Countdown
Westcoast Hogs - VSCN
CNN Interactive
Computable Online
NOS TT 101 - Laatste Nieuws
De Telegraaf
NRC Handelsblad
GSF - Freeware for OS/390
Government Technology - Main
IBM - BookManager Home Page
IBM - Hursley Laboratories
IBM - IBMLink U.S.A.
IBM - ISPF for OS/390
IBM - Latest OS/390 books
IBM - Nederland#
IBM - Planetwide Search
IBM - Publications Subscription Service
IBM - S/390 Europe
IBM - S/390 Newsletter
IBM - S/390 Softcopy Center
IBM - S/390 Task Atlas
IBM - S/390 Technical Support
IBM - S/390 Technical Support, US
IBM - S/390 What runs your business?
IBM - S/390 World wide
IBM - Software Premier Club
IBM - Software
IBM - Support
IBM - Technical Support FTP site (ftp)
IBM - Technical Support
IBM - The NetRexx Language
IBM - World wide
  PC Hardware
Artec - Scanrom 4E# (LeBox - NL)
Cannon - Nederland
Diamond - Multi Media
Hardware Outlet - Almere
Hastec - Diamond
Hewlett Packard
IBM - Personal Computing Support
Matrox - Millennium, Mystique, M3D
Time4Computers - Almere
Tom's Hardware Guide
Tom's Hardware Guide
Toshiba - America, Inc.
Western Digital
  PC Magazines
C'T - Magazin fr Computertechnik (Germany)
C'T - Nederland
PC Magazine
PCM - Personal Computer Magazine
  PC Software
ARJ - ARJ Software, Inc.
Artisoft - LANtastic
Easy Computing - Software and books
Fries Computer Bedrijf
Lotus (NL)
Micro$oft - The one who gave us MSDOS and Windows
Netscape - WWW browser and server
NovaStor - Backup, Encryption, AntiVirus and Data Interchange
Powerbasic Archives
Quarterdeck - Qemm, Desqview
Symantec - Norton Utilities/Commander/Backup, PCTools etc
  PC Software search
AstaLaVista - Mmmhhhh
Stroud - Download Net Software. Stroud's Consummate Winsock Apps List (CWSApps)
VSL - WWW software search engine (Slovania)
  PC Software shops
Computercollectief (Amsterdam)
Nr.1 (Haarlem, Amsterdam-Noord)
  PC Vendor
ALLTREND Computers - Almere
AP - Advanced Power
BCE - Benelux Computer Exchang, Weesperstraat, Amsterdam
BSE (Hardinxveld-Giessendam)
Blue Plus (Den Haag)
CDC - Computer Discount Centre (Den Haag, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Nijmegen, Groningen)
Chicon (Delft)
Dunnet (Rotterdam)
MIRODATA Computers - Almere
Planhold Computers
Powerline (Zoetermeer)
ZYZTM Computers
Adobe - Acrobat Reader, alternative download page
JFK JazzRadio FM
Radio 538 - 24 hours/day live in stereo (RA30)
Radio Netherlands
Radio Noordzee Nationaal
TMF - The Music Factory
TROS - with RA broadcast
VPRO 3voor12 on air
VPRO - Dutch public tv/radio broadcasting company
Veronica Interactive Plaza - Dutch commercial tv/radio broadcasting company
KPMG Nederland
Belcast - Belgacom Gids
De Telefoongids - KPN Telecom
De Telefoongids - KPN Telecom
Digitale plattegronden van nederland
Holland City Index
Nederlands Buro voor Toerisme
F-PROT - Anti-Virus Home Page
ISS - Internet Security Systems
Thunderbyte - Anti-virus
Bijenkorf - Famous Amsterdam shop
Free Record Shop
Velleman - Electronics, Kits, tools and equipment
TeleDiscount - Goedkoop bellen via 0900-xxxx
Dutch Teletext
AltaVista Translate
Scotland - Old Course Hotel, St Andrews
Vakantiebeurs - Utrecht
John Geus
Martien van Balgooi
Popco Jacobi
William Hogervorst
Digital Applications Frame
Federatie - Federatie van Philips Verenigingen van Gepensioneerden
Greenpeace - Save the world
Haagse Hogeschool
Microsoft TerraServer - Netherlands
Minimail Nederland
Statistics - How to create web page statistics on xs4all
Actuele verkeersinformatie
NOS-TT 730 - Files Nederland
Openbaar Vervoer Reisinformatie
Verkeersinformatie ringweg Amsterdam - ANWB
  WWW Search
All4One - Calls 7 engines including Excite, HotBot, Infoseek and Lycos
All4One - Calls AltaVista, Lycos, WebCrawler and Yahoo!
AltaVista - Web and usenet content
Bigfoot - e-mail address finder
Deja-News - Great usenet search engine
Excite - Web content, Excite reviews, usenet news and classifieds
Four11 - e-mail and telephone-number finder, the best!
Home page for the Netherlands
HotBot - Web and usenet content
Ilse - WWW search engine for Dutch URL's
Infoseek - Web content, Infoseek select sites, usenet content, company directory listings, email addresses through WhoWhere?
Ixquick - Powerfull metasearch
Lycos - General web content, sounds, pictures, subjects
Magellan Internet Guide - Web pages, rated/reviewed sites, 'green light' sites
MetaCrawler - Calls 7 engines including Excite, Lycos, Open Text, WebCrawler
Open Text INDEX - Web content, newsgroups, email
SuperSeek - Calls 10 engines, grouped into 3 categories
Track - Ontdek het internet!
Vinden in Nederland - VindIn.NL
Vindex - De vindplaats op Internet
W3 - The World Wide Web specifications and Development Areas
WebCrawler - Web content
WhoWhere?@ - e-mail-address, telephone-number and mailing-address finder
Yahoo! - Web content via a directory of prescanned sites, usenet content, email, U zoekt? Wij vinden! -
internet@ddress.finder - e-mail addresses, AOL and CompuServe subscribers - NL e-mail addresses
VTV Waterland - Volkstuinverening Waterland Almere (MyWeb)
VTV Waterland - Volkstuinverening Waterland Almere (chello)
VTV Waterland - Volkstuinverening Waterland Almere (planet)
De Weerkamer - Radarbeeld
De Weerkamer
Animated GIF - The secret and tools for making Animated GIF's
ANWB SkiSelect - Opvragen plaatsgegevens
NOS-TT 745 - Sneeuwhoogten
Snow report from Austrian ski regions
Snowtime Wintersportreizen
Stadt Winterberg
TISCOVER (snow-info)
TIScover - Austria - snow report - towns - all
TIScover - Grunau - Homepage
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